College Acceptance

Lad 1
Akhil Lad
Dr. M. Loglisci
ENG 101 – 52
19 February 2021
Minimally Verbal Individuals now can go to a College
The college experience is essential for all. I was also interested in college education, and I
being minimally verbal, always thought I could not go to college. So, one must communicate in
the college, and my communication was different, and I used a letter board to show. I was not
sure whether the college would accept me, but I am thrilled that my college is good and
accepted my form of communication. Schools and colleges are for everyone, and anyone should be
allowed. Minimally verbal and nonverbal students can go to college because colleges accept
different forms of communication, the accommodation of a communication partner is allowed, and
the intelligence of these students is not judged.
People speak, which is the standard form of communication, but my case was different. I
can show the pictures in my mind, but it’s hard for me to speak those pictures in words. I had to
use a letter board or keyboard with a communication partner to show my thoughts. This is how
many minimally verbal and nonverbal students form of communication. I had to show my
communication partner my beliefs by pointing one letter at a time on the letter board. My
concern was whether will the college accept this form of communication. I first started by pointing to
my communication partner’s choices. So, the students like me need a communication partner and
require a lot of practice. My college understood the need for a communication partner
and accepted that as an accommodation.

Lad 2
From a letter board to a keyboard and communication with the partner is a journey. The
communication partner forms a relationship with students first, and they teach and asked me
questions by choice. I would select the correct choice, and the partner then would use a letter
board, and I will point and spell the answers. The partner and the teachers accepted the answers,
and I was able to learn all the subjects like Math, Geometry, Science, and college courses like
Algebra and English composition. With this communication, I was able to express my opinions
and many answers. These partners are like buddies, and they have to understand me and help me
with my anxiety sometimes. They must be patient and need training as some days are not easy.
I think minimally verbal and nonverbal students are also intelligent in mind.
Comprehension was not an issue for me but showing the answers with my mouth and finding the
keyboard letters is hard. I was able to offer the correct form of choices, and the partners and the
teachers never questioned me in mind. They accepted me and believed me. So, they are now also
showing my mind many critical thinking problems, and I can offer the solutions. The college now
had to see my transcripts for the college education and accepted me. The colleges are also
believing in the students and are right.
College Admission should form a college the path for minimally verbal individuals like
me. I think one can go to a college at any age, and it is also possible for the minimally verbal
individuals. One must show the skills to show the many communication forms, and the
communication can be nonverbal. When only one form of expression is considered, the college
might find other ways to accept. So, college admission is now possible because my college has
accepted my communication form. Now we are all online, and the college education is also online.
So, the college had to show the communication via email, and the college portal has all the
communication ways. Now the college form of communication is also like my keyboard is my letter board of communication. Many colleges form the accommodations for all, and for
communication, one can show the many ways like a keyboard or an iPad or a letterboard.


















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