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College Acceptance

Minimally Verbal Individuals now can go to a College. College experience is important for all. I was also interested in college education, and I
being minimally verbal, always thought I could not go to college. 


Depression can lead to anxiety issues, abuse, poor academic performance, suicides, risks, and violent behaviors, and other mental disorders in future life. Therefore, mental health campaigns are needed for international, female, and diverse students in colleges and universities.  behaviors.


The organism forms the other organisms on the earth and form plant or animal as organisms and now they form a species on the earth.The form of new organism is now different from the ancestors in physical and behavior You find the Tiger and the form of cat are from the same form of ancestor but different from each other

July 31, 2017 Why garden ? i will grow garden to form many soil for farming and the farming soil use for growing fruits and vegetables. The farming is for many reasons and the farmer forms the many soil farms for soil treatments and the form of the soil forms the mulch for the food for the plants.
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Sunday, ‎February ‎7, ‎2016, ‏‎ mind is good the body is not like the mind and that is autism and the body should follow mind and that is the challenge mind shows the concept and the body should follow the concept understanding the .
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Sunday, July 23, 2017-The form of the mind of the machine and what to do when the machine is asked to do .for machine to understand the instructions one has to show the machine what to show and what to do. One has to understand the machine form of language.
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May 06, 2013 plan of the universe is to make the. plants based medicine on the earth to cure the diseases like cancer and diabeties plants are making the food from the sunlight and the energy from the universe to make the plant for the people to use the energy from the universe people on the earth use the plant like the very minimum value to let the other people use the plants for making plan of the disease
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Nov 12th 2015 : Thoughts about Autism Creation story written by Nirupama Rao AUTISM CREATION STORY Nirupama:(Please note the word Man has been used in the place of humanity. It does not denote gender) In the beginning, there was just pure undivided consciousness. It was God un-manifest. He then wanted to be manifest. He set the process rolling with the sound OM. He created the stars, the planets and the galaxies..
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Nirupama:The advanced souls that were watching the goings on were beginning to get worried. “Father, they’re moving away from you!” they said. “Don’t worry” said God “when they connect with Mother Earth, they will remember their father, and Mother Earth will ensure that they do!” said God with a snicker. God was quite happy that many souls were still finding their way back to Him
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Nirupama: Then man created religion and mankind moved further away from God. Then as the years passed, came kingdoms, industries and technology. By now, man completely forgot where he came from. He relied only and completely on science for all answers. He forgot to listen to that little voice in his heart…the direct hot line to God. He forgot to listen to Mother Nature’s cues.
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July 23, 2017 AUTISM CREATION STORY-PART 4 BY NIRUPAMA RAO Dec 03 2015: Autism Creation Story continues (Akhil's perception) Nirupama: He was stuck in the time warp of birth and death, having got caught in the sense pleasures that life on earth offered. Pleasure at any cost became the Mantra. Akhil: god found the mantra for safe and security and for some peace now the mantra was for any soul that wanted to show gods analysis and what god wanted to show on the earth formed the materials for some other forms of life
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July 23, 2017 The MNRI method the connection of the mind and body doctor svetlana masgutova and the team are the big and important way the single body can be connected to the mind the svetlana masgutova method is the fundamental for the brain and the body and i am very happy that you are showing the world the method
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The Beloved’s Journey - by Paul J Mills Paul: The Beloved brings forth the universe to experience the Beloved in an infinity of ever-changing forms. Each form is the Beloved. Akhil: form of many souls are form of the beloved and the forms of the many souls are for many earth experience and the for making the form of the man on the earth now the man on the earth are experiencing the one teaching from the universe and the form of the man is the finding the mind of the beloved.
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Monday, July 24, 2017 Paul : Human beings are utterly and unconditionally loved by the Beloved. This is not for anything that we have done or have not done, but simply because we exist. There is nothing we could ever do that would change that. Our existence is the gift of the Beloved to the Beloved. Our journey, within this sea of unconditional love, is to awaken to ourselves as love.
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Paul: the mind , existing in consciousness , experiences the a beloved as "I am", the heart , existing in consciousness , experiences the beloved as love. Akhil : the mind is one and the mind of the man is other and the form of the mind is forming the feeling of love.the form of the mind you show on the outside is the form of the I am and the inner mind is the beloved
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Early Intervention
At age 18 months I received an official diagnosis of AUTISM and since then 1 and half year I went through very intensive early intervention they used Verbal Behavior approach in natural environment
I attended many special education schools in New Jersey.

In schools they followed Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA), DIR Floor time, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, supported typing, reflex integration, neuro development approach with some supported typing and rapid prompting method. But they never gave me transcripts and had no college track

Online School
Keystone Online School

Algebra Geometry

Associate Degree in Science
Rowan College of South Jersey

Fall 2020 - Concepts of Mathematics Spring 2021- Algebra & Trigonometry English Composition I Summer 2021 -Introduction to Computers Fall 2021 - Pre-Calculus & Math Analysis English Composition II Spring 2022 - Introduction to Chemistry Calculus I


Specialization course
BYJU Coding NASA Coding

NY - NASA course BYJU Coding course started in 2022

Farm Internship
2017 - Internship on the Farm

I gained some volunteering experience working on the farm

2018 - Robotics experience with a buddy

Lego Boost

About Me

Autism Intervention

Early Life
Before First Birthday

Akhil was responding to his name and had a eye contact before his birthday and he regressed into AUTISM after his 1st birthday. Early Intervention started at 23 months. 

After Diagnosis
Early Intervention to BioMedical protocol

As we started with Behavior Modification we gradually moved to BioMedical Intervention  approach using diet, vitamins supplements under BioMedical doctors supervision 

Brain Development
Neuro Development protocol 

At age 11 we explored Neuro Development approach after getting trained at the Family Hope Center. Implemented entire protocol for 6 months in India. During this time we were learning about brain development and how the skipping any development stage like crawling, creeping was not good. Akhil definitely had skipped such stages.

Reflex Integration

The MNRI® Method

As we explored the neurodevelopment approach we studied Reflex Integration more in-depth. We combined both approaches and we’re convinced The MNRI® Method was the way to go. After attending many MNRI Family camps. 

 Before &After 

Rapid Prompting Method
First RPM Workshop

As we explored the neurodevelopment approach we studied Reflex Integration more in-depth. We combined both approaches and were convinced MNRI Method was the way to go. After attending many MNRI method camps. 

Our RPM journey started 2014

Adaptive Fitness

As reflexes where getting integrated his body functional skills where getting better. He was able to do complex movement activities.  Thus we challenged him more with Balance Auditory and Visual exercises(BAVX). 

Fitness and BAVX coaching

Independent Typing

Learning to type independent tying using onscreen keyboard. Sept 2020

Dr. Harry Wachs and Dr.Trifeletti

2013- Dr Harry Wachs consultation explaining Akhil’s mind and Dr. Trifiletti – before and after his observations 



Social Skills
Care For A Friend

Social Skills Program – Discussion with Ankur about Astronomy and Research. 2016 when Akhil was still typing with support and not even close to independent typing 

Akhil 2015 Middle School Graduation
Akhil’s School Teacher Speech

Akhil was exposed to Maths, Geometry, Science, History, and English and expressed himself using IPad. Supported Typing was his mode of communication we Presume Competence

Robotics - LegoBoost
2020 – Akhil’s Robotics Project

Locked down we explored more Robotics with Akhil. 

Farm Internship
Employment Experience

Akhil goto work on the Urban farm. 

College Acceptance Celebration
Freshman Journey started

Akhil finished his first course in college, and we celebrated his journey. It took 5 yrs for us to get this track started. Many doctors and expressed and congratulated Akhil. 

Digital Academic education
2021 – Independent Skills

Digital academic education

Robotics - Mihir Vemuri (eBorg)
Mihir and Akhil met through his mom

 Mihir a determined, perseverant, and hard-working high school student whose strengths lie in mechanical engineering, physical sciences, and problem perception. He was determined to teach Akhil Robotics


Rutgers Research 2018

Ankur and Akhil Lad Discussion about Astronomy and Research. Friendly argument

Savant Skills - Looking for answers

Savant Syndrome & Searching for Answers w/ Manisha Lad, Dr. Diane Powell, Dr. Paul J. Mills and Tiffany Barsotti. We don’t understand AUTISM and its hard to bring right piece of puzzles if you don’t find them

Dr. Diane Powell and Dr. Deepak Chopra Studies - Video 1

Non Local communication 

Dr. Diane Powell and Dr. Deepak Chopra Studies- Video 2

Non Local communication 

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College Acceptance

Lad 1 Akhil Lad Dr. M. Loglisci ENG 101 - 52 19 February 2021 Minimally Verbal Individuals now can go to a College The college experience is essential for all. I ...

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